Make Bank of the Panhandle your first choice when you are looking to purchase your home.

By using our experienced lenders you can enjoy quality service that only a hometown bank can provide.

We provide the following types of loans and mortgages:

Home Mortgage Loans
We have loans to help finance the purchase of your new home or refinance your existing home.
Home Construction Loans
Ready to build your dream home? Then a Bank of the Panhandle home construction loan is for you!

In order for us to accurately determine your eligibility for a consumer loan, we must have at least the following information from you:

  • Completed application
  • One months worth of pay stubs from all applicants
  • Two months worth of bank statements from all applicants
  • Last two years of tax returns from all applicants
  • Two years worth of W-2 forms from all applicants

For more information contact a Personal Banker or Loan Officer today!